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Helping Women To Leave Abusive Relationships

By Clare Bruce Monday 14 Mar 2016 Hope Mornings

It’s heartbreaking to learn how much pain some women endure, before leaving an abusive marriage or relationship.

For mum-of-four Josie Parata, it wasn’t until her eight-year-old son tried to kill himself, that she realised she had to leave her violent husband—and fast. Pregnant with her fourth child, she fled with her children to a women’s refuge where she began rebuilding her life from scratch.

She describes it as a gruelling process. Her emotions were in such turmoil that simply filling out a Centrelink form was a near-impossible task.

“I found myself in what I now know as crisis mentality,” she said in an interview with Hope 103.2’s Emma Mullings.

“With all the paperwork that I was given in order to try and move forward, my brain was not working to fill it all out. And I wished at that moment that I had just one person that would come alongside and help me work through all this paperwork.”

Turning Her Pain Into Support For Others

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