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2019 Overcomer Award

Each year Lighthouse presents an "Overcomer of the Year Award” at the Annual Fundraising Dinner.

This Award acknowledges a standout Moving Forward Program client who has taken the hand up from Lighthouse to do everything in their power to reach the heights of being an Overcomer!

This is the story of our 2019 Award recipient.

Almost 3 years ago Maria and her young daughter found themselves in a vulnerable and dangerous situation due to family violence - fleeing from Melbourne and flying to Sydney's Northern Beaches to stay with a friend. Only 2 months before they had moved from England upon promises by her daughter's Australian father of a great life.

With all of Maria's family overseas and being unable to go home to England due to Hague Convention Laws, they had no home, no family, no support and very little money.

During this time a friend referred Maria to SMS Lighthouse. In Maria's words

“The support I received through this service was phenomenal and life changing”.

Josie (SMS Lighthouse founder) was able to help me find housing and apply for furniture and necessities to live as I had nothing for myself or my daughter.

She also linked me with a barrister who helped me in court through a very stressful time.

Thank you Geoff Simpson I believe you are here this evening.

We are now taking steps as Josie would say to MOVE FORWARD. My

daughter is in Kindy at school now and I am working with an

organization in prevention of Youth Suicide".

Congratulations Maria for taking brave steps to keep moving forward!

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