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Caring for grandchildren on short or long term basis
Precious Grandson

Are you involved in caring for your grandchildren?

Increasingly we are seeing grandparents caring for their grandchildren on a short or long term basis. This may be due to domestic violence, substance abuse or a single parent situation in the family. 


If this is your situation and you are looking for help, our service is here to support you.



One of our Case Managers or Support Workers will meet with you to understand your unique circumstance. 


We will then work with you on a plan to:

  • Support you in caring for your grandchildren. 

  • Support you to ensure you are taken care of.

This will include connecting you with services in the Government and not for profit sectors.


There are two ways to contact us: 

  1. Fill out this enquiry form  OR

  2. Call or message us on 0431 936 031


Our team volunteer Monday - Thursday and will reply to you within 24 -48 hours of receiving your inquiry. Any enquiries received on a Friday or over the weekend will be reviewed and replied to on the Monday/ Tuesday.


One of our team will then call you to set up an appointment. They will also gather some details from you to assist with making this first appointment effective and hopefully enabling 'solutions' to be identified quickly to support you and your grandchildren.

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