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Moving forward to a new life

Lighthouse exists to walk hand in hand with people who want to move forward from  domestic violence, homelessness, addiction and other challenges.

Are you feeling unsafe now?

Ready to start your new life?

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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How Can We Help

You are currently experiencing domestic violence:

  • you want to leave &/or

  • you are looking for specialist support.

You want help moving forward as a single parent.

You may have survived domestic violence and want help to break the cycle of abuse.

You are caring for grandchildren on a short or long-term basis.

You are travelling through separation, divorce, co-parenting, feeling isolated, or facing other challenges and seeking support.

You are facing homelessness and/ or issues related to addictions and looking for help to find freedom and independence.

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How We Partner With Other Services

At Lighthouse we work with you to understand your unique situation and plan to help you move forward.

Part of this plan includes connecting you with other services.

Connecting you to these specialist services is a key part of our case management approach to supporting you on your Moving Forward pathway.

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